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What can I do in Alfa & Omega? 

The team of Volunteers who come to carry out maintenance and restoration projects at the Alfa & Omega Center should keep in mind that these projects will always be suggested and supervised by the Center. The Center it will try to provide the necessary materials and the mission team can contribute with monetary help for the materials. 


We can receive a group at any time of the year, according to the availability of the group and what they can do. 

Requisites for coming 

  • To be a christian.
  • Have the conviction that the Lord wants you to participate in this mission trip.
  • Be flexible to adapt to another culture, time, lifestyle…
  • No need to know Spanish.
  • Receive the support of a local church, Christian organization or a pastor.
  • Minors (18) must be accompanied by a parent or a guardian duly accredited.
  • No plan to import a culture, but the gospel. 

Where will we live? 

The Center “Alfa & Omega” offers full board: breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner. We have bedrooms in our House Residence. 

* A monetary collaboration is required to help cover the cost of food and facilities. 


  1. To plant the seed off the gospel in the students and their families from Alfa & Omega School.
  2. To help in the maintenance of Alfa & Omega.
  3. Be enriched by the culture, customs and language of Spain.
  4. Personal spiritual growth.

Now, what do we do? 

• Pray to the Lord and ask for direction.
• Write Hugo Walthon: